National Teddy Bear Day

Since today is National Teddy Bear Day, I thought I'd introduce to you a few of Victoria's favorite. Meet Bear-Bear, who is as old as she is. He was the first Teddy Bear her daddy and I gave her, and consequently, spent the first three weeks of his life in Wake Med. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with her due to her being born premature. I don't think there is much of the original bear left except his eyes, but he has always been her go-to when she gets upset. I have sewn so many outfits and cover-ups for him over the years I've lost track.

Meet Ted the Impaler. As prior paranormal romance authors, I couldn't walk away from this one. Had a lot of fun giving this vampire teddy bear to Victoria last Christmas!

Last, but certainly not least, Victoria's collection wouldn't be complete without an NC State Teddy Bear!

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