National Teddy Bear Day 

Since today is National Teddy Bear Day, I thought I'd introduce to you a few of Victoria's favorite. Meet Bear-Bear, who is as old as she is. He was the first Teddy Bear her daddy and I gave her, and consequently, spent the first three weeks of his life in Wake Med. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with her due to her being born premature. I don't think there is much of the original bear left except his eyes, but he has always been her go-to when she gets upset. I have sewn so many outfits and cover-ups for him…

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National Coffee Day 

Happy National Coffee Day! I thought I'd include a few pics of my favorite coffee. If you love chocolate and coffee, there is NO better than Godiva coffee!


Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. We've all lost a furry friend at some point in time. The first time I ever heard of Rainbow Bridge, was right after my daughter's beloved pet Gecko died. There were/are very few places around us that will care for exotic animals, so I raced down I-40 over an hour from home trying to save this little guy. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. But the animal hospital was super nice about everything, and I greatly appreciated the sediment behind the Rainbow Bridge poem.

National Ride the Wind Day 

Happy National Ride the Wind Day! If you get the chance, take a ride. Roll the windows down, or if you are lucky enough to own a bike, definitely take it out for a ride!



National Black Cat Appreciation Day 

Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day.  As the owner of a half-black cat (last pic), I can tell you they are no different than any other cat I've ever had.  They just want to be loved and cared for just like any other.  So enjoy the day, and remember, if you see a black might just have a little good luck come your way!


National Creamsicle Day 

Remember these?  I grew up on these things, but then again, we didn't have Klondike Bars, Magnum Bars and such back then.  I remember the old fashioned ice cream sandwiches, chocolate covered ice cream on a stick, and creamsicles.  How about you?



National Book Lover's Day 

Today's celebration of National Book Lover's Day is very special to me. As a prior romance author, I've had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and becoming friends with both other authors and readers alike. Both are book lovers! So, to all of you who enjoy books, either reading or writing, today is for you my friend!