About Us

Hi!  Creations by Lady V is made up of mother/daughter duo Pat & Victoria Hevener.  We are often asked how it was all started, so here is a bit of history in the creation of our company. 

We were a military family which resulted in the head of the household rarely home.  Because of our unique situation, decisions were made that best benefited our family.  Pat chose to stay home and homeschool Victoria, giving her stability she needed in a home life. 

By age fifteen, Victoria had developed her artistic side and wanted to pursue a career in writing once she graduated.  Pat had already been dabbling in the writing world, and by the time Victoria graduated high school, Pat became a published author.  Once graduated, mother/daughter decided to join forces and write together, allowing Pat to continue working with Victoria to improve on her skills.  As far as we know, we are one of the first mother/daughter teams in the paranormal romance field.

After numerous books published, including the favorite series, Dragons of Dragonose, the unthinkable happened.  We discovered our publisher had not been honest with us or numerous other authors we worked closely with.  The news was devastating, and with broken hearts, the decision was made to discontinue writing. 

Enter the jewelry world (August, 2016).

Victoria had already developed an interest in the beaded jewelry world and had begun taking classes.  Six months after dissolving the writing careers, Creations by Lady V was born to show case our jewelry.  If you are wondering where the name of the company came from, it is because Lady V was Victoria’s pen name (Pat’s pen name is Alice Brown).  Since Victoria was the one to originally take the classes and learn the trade, the business was named after her.

We launched into a new career, and while Pat concentrated on paperwork, finding and setting up shows, etc., Victoria continued to expand her knowledge.  Taking every class she could find, she soon became an expert in the field of handmade beaded jewelry.  In the spring of 2018, she caught the eye of the craft center at NC State University.  They offered her a teaching position for beaded jewelry, and she accepted.

Today, she teaches her designs each semester at NC State, as well as extensively travels up and down the east coast doing shows.  And while the jewelry continues to expand and grow, we refuse to stop there.  We are currently working on re-editing and republishing our books and have plans to bring in other handmade items to benefit you, your home, and your family in the near future.  Be sure to keep a close eye on the shows page, which is updated regularly.  If you are in the area of one of the many shows we attend, please look us up and say hi!  We would love the chance to meet you!

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